The last days of Chanel

For as long as I have lived on island, there was always an iconic boutique at the Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) called Chanel. For the 20 plus years on Guam, I never once stepped foot into that boutique. I was always intimidated and afraid of browsing. I’m not sure why, especially considering I never knew what the price ranges were. It must’ve been the aura, the ambiance, or the intimidating stares from the Sales Associates. Whatever it may be, it is one sad story to know, that it is an end of an era when Chanel closed its doors officially on January 2020.

Guam used to be the main shopping hub for many tourists visiting the Mariana Islands. We prided ourselves in carrying many high end and well made names, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Ferragamo, etc. Tumon Sands Plaza and DFS were the main places to find these brands. Sadly, over the course of many years, world events, and change in trends have affected the trajectory of these brands and businesses.

Before Chanel closed its doors on Guam, I had to mark the end of an era, with a meaningful purchase. It was difficult to choose just one item, but I succeeded! One of the things I hope for is that, despite these turbulent times, businesses will be able to stay afloat and provide jobs for the remaining people on Guam.

Would it be so wrong if I’m already thinking of my next purchase?