33 things I’ve learned in my 33 years

  1. Having the right attitude is EVERYTHING.
  2. Money definitely does NOT buy happiness.
  3. Contentment is > Possessions.
  4. Traveling opens up your mind to many other things.
  5. Traveling teaches you appreciation.
  6. Spontaneity becomes harder as you get older.
  7. Nothing always goes as planned.
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  9. Anything can happen.
  10. What used to be called the pound sign is now called the hashtag.
  11. Language continues to grow and change…for instance, check out #12 and #13
  12. FOMO means Fear of Missing Out.
  13. YOLO means You Only Live Once.
  14. Comfort = Danger
  15. Its not easy to save money. How did my dad ever survive on a single income raising a family of seven?
  16. Money does not grow in trees.
  17. Its harder to lose weight as you get older. No carbs for a month doesn’t work anymore. And comes #18…
  18. Its harder to find the time to exercise. Going to the gym used to be a way to socialize and meet guys. Now your guy is on the sofa drinking a beer and watching “deadliest catch.”
  19. Forever 21 is no longer my go-to store. My husband was not-so-right when he said that a woman should stop shopping at Forever 21 when she turned 22. I stopped shopping there when I hit my 30’s. Everything there just seems too short, too cropped, or too distressed for a 30 year old. However, it’s still a great place to snag some affordable accessories.
  20. I have a new found appreciation for solitude. Its nice to escape from the noise and be alone with your own thoughts.
  21. People continue to grow and change. I thought I was the same person that left my tiny island of Guam almost ten years ago. My cousins proved me wrong.
  22. Change is not always bad. Take for example #23…
  23. Phones change too. These are the phones I’ve had in my lifetime so far: rotary phone, touch-tone phone, cordless phone, nokia cellphone with replaceable cases, motorola razr, samsung flip phone (2 different kinds…a blue and a pink one), iphone 3, and now an iphone 5.
  24. You don’t have to suffer in high heels. Flats are cute and comfortable. I use to own, if any, one pair of sneakers or flats. I would wear platform sneakers, platform slippers, and high stiletto heels. I would never be caught in my flats…that has all changed! But, even with that…
  25. Manolo and Christian sure know how to target their women.
  26. E-commerce is powerful. Hel-looo Mercari and Poshmark!
  27. Social media is booming! Know how to keep the balance and when to just say NO. There’s facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.
  28. You can learn how to cook, sew, and put on makeup not by going to a traditional school but through YouTube.
  29. Skincare is so important. Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, and Protect. I thank my 20 year old self now for having a regimen and seeking professional help when my acne went out of control. Being 33 and passing as a twenty-something is great. Can’t wait to be 40 and looking 30. Or 50 and looking 40…you get the picture.
  30. Marriage is work.  I don’t know why so many people were hating on Ben Affleck when he said that in his acceptance speech for best picture. He said, “it is work..but its the best kind of work.”  Which leads me to #31..
  31. Marry your best friend. When you have similar values, beliefs, and personalities that mesh together…it makes “work” fun and endearing.
  32. When it comes to friends…its not the number of friends that matter, but the quality of those friendships. Can we tell them our innermost thoughts and feelings without being judged or reprimanded? Do they forgive us for our mistakes? Do they bring out the best in us? Are they there during our lowest and highest moments? They are true friends. Keep ’em! But also…#33.
  33. To have true friends, I must also be one. Listen more, talk less. Forgive and Forget. Always encourage and never discourage.

There are things that definitely get better with age: cheese, wine, and the Mature ME!


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