About the Islander

Hi Friends and Visitors! Welcome to my blog. I started journaling since I was a young kid. It abruptly stopped though when my dad found my journal and started reading it out loud to my mom and brothers. It was quite embarrassing! (Its ok…I forgave him and it just helped me grow a thicker skin. :D)

Anyhow, I started blogging and recording videos on my phone and camera when I made a bold move out of my beautiful island Guam to California in 2007. Growing up in a small island, I felt very sheltered and limited to experiences. I wanted to write all about the new things I tried, all the new people I met, and all the differences the island life had compared to living in one of the 50 states!

So, here is my pledge again to share my life stories and experiences. Hope you like it!

A few things I enjoy:

  • Trying new cuisines and learning about different cultures
  • Traveling
  • Listening to Music
  • Hiking and just being present in Nature
  • The sound of the Ocean and the Waves Crashing
  • Sunsets

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