About the Islander


Sharon, the islander, moved to Northern California at the ripe age of 24. Before that, all her life was spent basking under the warm Pacific Island sun in a small island called Guam.

She had tried almost everything a 24 year old could do in a small and isolated island. She’s eaten, danced, jumped, driven, and hiked all across the island and hungered for more. So on January 2007, she flew more than 6,000 miles and started her new life in a bigger land called California.

Yes, there were many uncertainties, but one thing that proved certain was that when you have a great support group you can weather through the good and the bad.

  • She kept in touch with old friends. Friends who have proven themselves over the course of time.
  • She also made new friends (and continues to do so). People who share a common ground with her; and she builds each new friendship from there.
  • She also knew that family is foremost. They can get annoying at times, but they will always be there!

This islander discovered that she enjoys writing in her travel journals, writing reviews on restaurants and other places of businesses, and teaching others. And, so with the free time that came about..this blog was born. Happy Viewing!


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