Do you rock crocs?

This topic has been sitting in my draft queue since February 2018. This blog post is way overdue! However, because of time, I can write a thorough piece regarding this topic.

I purchased my first pair of crocs on October 31, 2014. They were the style called ‘Sexi Flip.’ I wanted a versatile pair of shoes that can be worn on errands but also at the beach.  This pair was a nice choice! I opted for the basic black so that it would go with everything.

My second pair of crocs was the ‘Rio Flats.’ I purchased these flats on September 5, 2017, and I chose the spunky hot pink color. I absolutely love these flats! The classic croc footbed makes the shoes so comfortable from the very beginning. The shape of the shoe elongates my legs and just goes well with many of my outfits. They are also very easy to care for because I can just wipe them down with a wet cloth or soak it in soapy water.

My last pair was purchased in 2018. This pair is my least favorite and that’s probably why I don’t even know the style name or the exact date I bought them. All I remember was that I was with a friend of mine who was shopping for shoes for her boys. She wanted to get the promo offer so she asked me if I was interested in buying a pair of crocs. I caved and got this third pair. I wore it a few times and the straps would dig into my skin and would get uncomfortable. So, it has been my least favorite of the three pairs of crocs that I do own.

Overall, I do rock crocs and I love them! They are affordable, easy to care for, and great pioneer shoes!


Current Project: Simplifying my Wardrobe

This past weekend my friend and I had a Yard Sale for the very first time…and I am glad to say we had a pretty good turnout.

Since then, I’ve been inspired to simplify my wardrobe. There are blogs, videos, and books about minimalism or having a capsule wardrobe*… and I am challenging myself to accomplish that daunting task.

You see, I’m one of those people who like to hold on to things…excuses like, “maybe i’ll lose weight again..” or “I had this since middle school..” turns me into a mini hoarder.

Currently, I had labeled a box “memories” and placed clothing there that have sentimental value. I also took an empty bin and filled it with clothing and other items for me to sell on the next Yard Sale.

A small box for memories; A large bin for yard sale. #minimalism #journeytominimalism #wardrobecapsule

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Eventually, my goal is to (a) have 30 pieces of clothing for “All Season”, ten pieces to add to that for Spring/Summer, and another ten pieces for Fall/Winter. That will leave me with a total count of 50 pieces of clothing. OR (b) just have 30 pieces for each season and remix everything for the following season. Regardless, my goal will be to have less than 100 pieces of clothing. Preferably, under 60.

Once I tackle the clothing part…my next task will be SHOES. I’m planning to embrace this mentality with everything: clothing, shoes, bags, and makeup….I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Here’s to a simpler life that will help make your home less cluttered and your money used for more of life’s “essentials.”

*Put simply, it’s a way of minimizing your clothes into a small collection that easily mixes and matches.

Tieks, Please! many years, I’ve seen those Dr. Scholls foldable flats in stores like Walmart and Target. I always wanted a pair, but never bought one (because of lack of color only came in the safest and most boring color…black!)  I have been one of those helpless victims who have gone barefoot because of excruciating pain resulting from the desire to be tall and five inch heels. Yes, I was one of those. I refused to wear anything but heels, and only wore sneakers to the gym. Nothing else.

Then, I got older and wiser, and discovered tieks. Tieks are handmade shoes crafted with Italian leather that are foldable and come in an assortment of colors. Any color you can possibly imagine. The soles are teal colored and provide a decent, but not the best for my flat footed friends, shock absorption to your feet.

The shoes do well on light rain, rough terrain, and long walks. If you are looking for a good pair of ballet flats that are convenient to carry, I highly suggest investing in a pair of tieks. They are functional, comfortable, and fashionable.

Five Star Rating below:

Overall: ****

Comfort: ****

Style: *****

Convenience: *****

Travel Friendly: *****

Rain: **

Mud: **